Sisterhood of the Swinging Handbags

Magazine Issue: 
March/April/May 2012

Canadian Connection


All of these colorful, swingable purses were designed and hooked by Jennifer Manuell except the Peony Purse (first row, recond from the left) which was designed by Karen Kahle. 


When it comes to the rug hooking set, Jennifer Manuell is seen as the “young one.” While most of her thirty-something contemporaries are busy with careers, kids, and families, Jennifer is busy traveling and teaching and inspiring rug hookers all over the continent.

After years at university and working in the city of Toronto, Jennifer felt she was becoming “a meaner, unhappier version of herself,” so when the opportunity came to take a job closer to home and family, two hours north of Toronto, Jennifer jumped at the chance. Soon after she settled there, she learned how to hook rugs, and though she chose a less glamorous career path, she has time and flexibility to build her life around rug hooking and creating which she really enjoys.

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