Desperately Seeking Spring

March 26, 2013

By Debra Smith, Editor of Rug Hooking magazine

The calendar said “Almost spring!” but the weather outside was pretty frightful. More of that “wintery mix” we’ve had so much of this year around here—certainly not the soft springtime weather we were all craving. So when our Magdalena Rug Hooking group went to the Woolwrights’ Hook-In in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, I was looking for a springtime color fix. My mission was to find signs of spring despite the sleet, snow, and slush outside the windows and the slippery roads awaiting us when we left to drive home.

Fluff and Peachy Bean had color, color, and more color. I admit that I indulged and went home with a nice selection of Nancy Jewett’s gorgeous wool.

The vendors supplied me with my color fix as I knew they would. At the end of the winter, I need color—the brighter the better! All the booths were full of great wool, and the springy colors were front and center.

Springtime patterns and springtime colors were everywhere we looked. I must not be the only one pining for spring breezes and spring peepers.

I love the lively colors and textures in these spring flowers.

Kathleen Eckhaus, one of the Magdalena Rug Hookers, had the best original springtime design that I saw that day. Inspired by the “Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks” from Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition, it is whimsical springtime on linen. I can’t wait to see it hooked.

Kathleen Eckhaus was just starting an original pattern based on the “Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks.”

Despite that “wintery mix” outside, everyone in the room was thinking spring. I know those spring breezes and warm sun will be here soon . . . won’t they? But in the meantime, we can always hook a little spring into our lives.