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Entries are now being prepare for judging. We are so excited about the 25th anniversary edition of Celebration of Hand-Hooked Rugs: Celebration XXV! Thank you for submitting your amazing work!

Just look at that cover. And what the cover of the November/December issue promises, the content really delivers!
November/December 2014 IssueWe challenge ourselves each issue to find something that's a “fit” for you—unique you, in the wide-ranging rug hooking community. Natural dyer? Rose Wirtz will inspire.  Need that extra something? Welcome sparking Star Man. Fine coloration? Open at Roland Nunn's Floravians. John Flournoy will have you longing to time-travel (hook in hand, of course), and Judy Carter shares her techniques for remarkably realistic feathers. Plus our pull-out pattern (you will love the bunny), and a crazy-quilt boot/Christmas stocking. That lady on the cover? Well, you'll just have to read about her yourself. (You'll love her, too.) Order your copy today!

Celebration XXIV

Celebration XXIV is here!

And what a celebration it is! A wide range of design styles and stunning techniques from throughout the United States and Canada (23 Canadian rugs this year!). Wonderful individual styles, regional scenes and perspectives, with close-up images that will inspire you to new approaches in your own work. Get your copy here.

And don't forget to celebrate your own favorite hooked rug by voting in our Celebration Readers' Choice Voting. Please help us honor these rug hooking artists by voting for your personal choice of the best of the best!

Hooking Animals, by Judy CarterNew! Hooking Animals, by Judy Carter, is our latest Book Club offering, and you will be amazed at the realistic images you find in this photo-rich reference and resource. Follow Judy's clear and detailed instructions for hooking features, textures, and expressions of wild and domestic creatures, and you may amaze yourself at what you are able to accomplish! A great read and invaluable reference. Order your copy today.

Wide Cut Primitive Rug Hooking is a recent Book Club offering—a terrific introduction to these simply designed and popular rugs. Author Wendy Miller writes, "The common bond I feel with the country women of our past is what first attracted me to wide cut, primitive rug hooking." Here you'll find detailed instructions, charming patterns with folk art images, plus tips on using buttons, creating interesting borders, and finishing your rug in a manner that does justice to all of your hard work. Order your copy today!

Scrappy Hooked Rugs, a recent Book Club offering, is selling like hotcakes and already in reprint! Maybe it is because we all have scraps to use up, or maybe it is because this book is a visual masterpiece of gorgeous rugs, or maybe because Bea Brock is an outstanding instructor and she doesn’t hold back anything in teaching her techniques in this book. Whatever the reason, this book is a new top seller and one that every hooker will find useful in so many ways! Order your copy today and find out what all the fuss is about!

Know the Scoop!

Get all the latest Rug Hooking News by checking in with our Hooked In blog regularly. This is where we share news from across the country and what’s new at RHM, and some of our staff’s own rug hooking adventures. We also feature giveaways, guest bloggers, and more!

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        —Debra Smith

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From Our Readers

Welcome Rugs (35)

Welcome rugs - Do you have one? Have you hooked one? Send us a photo and the story behind it! The half-round welcome rugs, or threshold rugs, are a time-honored tradition in the world of hooked rugs, dating back to the 18th century. As far back as the early 1900s, possibly earlier, hookers could buy commercial patterns for these threshold rugs. They are a part of our history. Are welcome rugs, especially the half-round design, still popular with rug hookers? We'd like to see what is happening these days with this charming, quaint style of rug. Share your rug with our readers. Important Note: There are two ways you can leave your contact information. You can leave your name and email address for all viewers to see. Or, if you choose not to have that information public, be sure to click the "No" button in the "Name and E-mail Public" section.

Rugs with a Theme of Conservation (5)

Share rugs that you hooked with a theme of plant or animal conservation in mind.

Rug Beat Projects (7)

Please share photos of works you've created from projects in Rug Beat, or that were inspired by articles in Rug Beat.

RHM Pattern Rugs (3)

Have you hooked a rug from a pattern provided in an RHM issue? We would love to see the results! Post your rugs based on RHM patterns here.

Punch Needle Rugs (26)

Have you made punch needle rugs or punch needle miniatures? Read about Amy Oxford and the history of punch needle work and admire the classic Oak Leaves and Acorns punch needle napkins in this issue. Then show us what you've done. Upload a photo of one of your punch needle pieces.

Patriotic Rugs (8)

Show your pride of country! Post your patriotic-themed rugs here.

Needle Felting in a Rug (4)

Have you added needle felted elements to a rug? Share photos of your completed projects here.
Have you created rugs based on designs from molas? We'd love to see your colorful creations!

Hooking with Yarn (19)

We'd love to see your projects hooked with yarn. Share them here!
Share your hooked footstools here for all to enjoy!

Flea Market Finds (1)

What hooking-related finds have you made at flea markets or yard sales? Show us your found hooks, patterns, wool, backings, etc., and share the story behind your score.
Please share rugs that you have hooked to donate to a favorite cause. We would love to hear about the piece and how it was used to benefit a good cause.

Christmas Trees (5)

Have you hooked a Christmas tree? We would love to see your rendition of this traditional holiday symbol.
Autumn is full of great ideas for rugs! Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the bright Fall colors all provide inspiration for fantastic rugs. Share your autumn-inspired rugs here!
Show us your three-dimensional hooked pieces here!

Lyrical Mats (14)

Do you have a rug inspired by a favorite song? Upload a photo of you rug and share them with "Our Readers." We look foward to seeing your lyrical mats!

Rugs for Grandchildren (9)

Show us the rugs you have created for your grandchildren.

Sepia Toned Rugs (4)

Please share your monochromatic brown-toned rugs.
Important Note: There are two ways you can leave your contact information. You can leave your name and email address for all viewers to see. Or, if you choose not to have that information public, be sure to click the "No" button in the "Name and E-mail Public" section.