How to Hook a Rug Video Tutorials
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How to Pick a Hook                                             

Gene Shepherd tackles this all-important step in learning how to hook… More

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How to Hook a Circle Tutorial                                                                   

Gene Shepherd demonstrates how to hook a circle in this easy-to-follow… More

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How to Cut Wool Strips Tutorial                                                                       

How do you cut wool for rug hooking? How wide should the strips be? What… More

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Getting the Most from Your Stash with a One-Pot…

Gene Shepherd demonstrates how to dye fabric using a favorite one-pot… More

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Marrying Stash Wool without Dye                                                                       

Looking for a simple way to dye? Gene Shepherd demonstrates this "dyeing… More

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Traditional Proddy Mats                                                       

In this in-depth video, Gene Shepherd presents instructions on how to… More

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Rug Hooking with Spot Dyed Wool Video                                                                                   

Learn all about the meandering style of hooking with spot dyed wool in… More

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