Rug Hooking magazine is published 5 times per year, and is available in some book and craft stores, and by subscription.  Our goal is to provide high-quality articles and photographs about the art and craft of rug hooking, and how-to articles on techniques and projects.  Rug Hooking readers are passionate about rug hooking, and they value informative articles about the craft and the people involved in the field. They also enjoy the high-quality projects that they find in our magazine.

If you are not familiar with RHM and the types of articles we publish, we suggest that you read a few issues to get a sense of the magazine. We ask that any article you submit has not appeared in any other publication. If it has, please let us know where and when it appeared in print.


Feature articles:

Please send us the complete manuscript with accompanying photographs, diagrams, or other supporting materials. Features vary in length from 1800 words to 3000 words, depending on the topic. Features require three to twelve photographs (or other visuals). Feature articles should also include the following sidebar information (if appropriate):

  • Materials list
  • Reference resources
  • Tips and techniques
  • All information on rugs shown in photographs, per the standard RHM caption


RHM has several regular departments, focusing on techniques, projects, and people. Review back issues to decide which department might best accommodate your article. We invite submissions of project plans for step-by-step and how-to articles. These projects should display expertise in techniques and design, and be of high quality so that other hookers will be enticed to make the project.

General information:

  • Issues are planned six to twelve months in advance.
  • Be sure to mark all materials with your name and complete mailing address, telephone number, and email address.
  • We will acknowledge receipt of your materials, though we may not be able to determine right away if we can use it. Please be patient. Unsolicited articles are used on an as-needed basis, dependent on many factors, including space in each issue.
  • When your article is accepted, we will send a contract setting out specific requirements, asking for adjustments or additions if any are needed, and setting forth the payment for the article. Payment varies, depending on the length and complication of each article. All payments are made in U.S. currency upon publication.

Send submissions to:

Rug Hooking Submissions
Rug Hooking Magazine
PO Box 388
Shermans Dale, PA   17090

  • Submissions should include text of the article along with representative photographs.


Photography Guidelines:

  1. Positioning your rug:
  • Photograph the rug straight on to avoid "keystoning" the shape. Hang it flat against a wall or lay it flat on the floor so that you can get a straight-on shot with no distortion.
  • Look through the viewfinder. Can you see the full rug? Are all the edges and corners in the shot?
  • Check the lighting: Are there any shadows? Any spots that are too bright or washed out?
  • Groom your rug. Remove lint, pet hair, and anything else that will detract from the rug. This is a very important step -- do not ignore it!
  1. Digital photography:
  • Set your camera to highest resolution (sometimes called "fine" or "maximum")
  • Your camera should be set to save at "highest quality" and "highest resolution"
  • Do not use an iPad or a cell phone.
  • Your camera should be at least a 4MB camera, ideally 8MB or greater.
  • Photo formats: We accept TIFFs or JPEGs.  (Note: TIFFs are very, very large files and may be difficult to deliver to us)
  • Do not crop or manipulate the photo file. We will do that here.
  • Do not digitally manipulate the colors. We will adjust colors here if necessary.
  • Rename your photo something that we will recognize; do not use the default designation from your camera (i.e. IMG 123.jpg). Suggestion: use your name and the name of the rug; always include the type of photo file it is with a suffix at the end (.jpg or .tiff).
  1. Options for delivering the photos to us:
  • If you only have one or two photos, you may use email if the photo files sizes are not over 5 MB.
  • DO NOT resize the photos for email, even if prompted to do so by your email program. We must have the photos full size.
  • Burn the photos to a CD or DVD and send us that.
  • Put the photos on a flash drive and send that to us. We will return the flash drive to you.
  • Photo delivery services work: Dropbox, etc.
  • With advance notice, you can upload photos directly to our FTP site.
  • Always send photos separate from the article itself, not embedded in the text or in an email.



  • E-mail the editor at, and put “Submission Query” in the subject line.
  • Call (847)513-6056
  • Or write to:
    Rug Hooking Magazine
    PO Box 388
    Shermans Dale, PA 17090

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