Peter's Mermaid, or How I Hook Rugs                                                                               

To work with recycled wool is to hook a la Mad magazine's Alfred P.… More

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The Ever-Changing Landscape of Colour Renewed                                                                                                   

The Ever-Changing Landscape of Colour Renewed by Christine D. Hornby… More

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The 25th Anniversary Rug: The Final Chapter                                                                                               

The 25th Anniversary Rug is completed and ready for its new home. It has… More

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The Dance of Life                                           

The Dance of Life by Sandra Grant featured in Celebration 2016 More

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Hook Your Own House                                               

This heartwarming place--whether from your childhood or your present day… More

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Hooked on Swoon                                       

Brandt Eisner enjoys and curates all kinds of art for Swoon Fine Art and… More

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Swirls of a Feather                                               

Hooking feathers is my comfort food of fiber art. There is something so… More

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A Dream of Sailing                                             

A Dream of Sailing by Lynne D. Powell featured in Celebration 2016 More

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Bluegill by Mary H. Gordon featured in Celebration 2016 More

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Spots and Dips and Casseroles, Oh My!                                                                                   

Im a big believer in getting the right person for the job, and I think the… More

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Nest Eggs--The Evolution of a Design                                                                                 

Most of my original designs include a bird as the main focus. This time, I… More

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Hannah Loves Carrots                                                 

Imagine a darling little pink rabbit sitting in her favorite armchair. Her… More

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"On Alert" Horse                                         

Fiber artist Tracy Jamar has a new book! Just released, COILS, FOLDS,… More

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Chimera by Barbara Prentice featured in Celebration 2016 More

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Syrian Fragment of Floor Mosaic                                                                       

Syrian Fragment of Floor Mosaic by Timmie Wiant featured in Celebration… More

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