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1989-2000 Issues of Rug Hooking Magazine

This collection features the previous issues of Rug Hooking magazine from the years 1989-2000. RHM offers an abundance of rug hooking designs, exclusive patterns, profiles of rug hookers, how-to articles, and more. 

The 1989-2000 issues include a variety of hooked rugs, from festive holiday designs of Santa or a spooky witch to classic designs of the natural world. Readers will not be disappointed by the selection of techniques, whether they are looking for dyeing tips, new rug hooking styles, or simply a quality exclusive pattern. Don't miss articles from Pearl McGown herself, as well as a host of other professionals such as Wanda Kerr and Deanne Fitzpatrick. 



Color Play by Sally Ballinger

The Wool Sisters by Barbara Lukas

The Dorr Mill Store by Cindy Davis

Hooking Outside the Box by Deanne Fitzpatrick

A Cup of Herb Tea by Patti Patrick

Dip Dye Colorful Flowers by Maryanne Lincoln

Arraiolos Rugs by Daria Makota Valkenburg

John Flournoy by Roslyn Logsdon

Celtic Art by Sarah Ladd

Dip Dyed Skies by Sandra Cheverie

Irene Kemner by Muriel Boyd, Vicki Eisele

Windsong by Jon Ciemiewicz


What Does Primitive Mean to You by Margo White

Watercolors in Wool by Molly McBride

East Meets Westby Sarah Ladd

First Rugs on Display by RHM

Rug Hooking Down Under by Susan Sutherland

Applique Flower Basket by Cherylyn Brubaker

Dyed and Sculptured Berries by Maryanne Lincoln

Hooking with T-Shirts by Tracy Jamar

Great Grandmother's Legacy by Julie Luedtke

Yesterday's Heritage, Tomorrow's Heirlooms by Sarah Ladd

Donna Swanson by Leslie Hoy


Recycled Wool: Thrift Shop Treasure by Jane Halliwell

A Tale of Three Cribs by RHM

A Kindred Spirit by Diane Phillips

Keeping History Alive by Olga Roghschild

Watermelon Slice by Mary Ann Goetz

Transitional Gradation Swatches by Maryanne Lincoln

Prodded Rugs by Emily Rotertson

Dick La Barge by Gail Dufresne

School Days at Trent by Audrey Deere

How to Hook Human Eyes by Victoria Hart Ingalls

Suzanne Hamer by Leslie How

Generations of Love by Joanne Shamp


Restoring Antique Rugs by Tracy Jamar

The Healthy Hooker by Burma Cassidy-Wissner

Dyeing Recycled Wool by Joan Young

Inch by Inch by Gail Dufresne

Travel Memory Rugs by Roslyn Logsdon

Trick or Treat Times Three by Robin Rennie

Pumpkin Moonshine by Patty Patrick

From Transitional to Straight Gradations by Maryanne Lincoln

Bett McLean by Nancy Reding

A Show of Quilts and Rugs by Susan Leslie

Pedigrees, Provenance, General Recognition by Nancy Blood

Marjorie Judson by Sarah Ladd

Victorian Rose by Juanita Baker


Bringing Motifs to Life by Sibyl Osicka

All Creatures Great and Small by Audrey Deere

Hosting a Private Workshop by Gail Dufresne

Vintage Books, Hooks, and Patterns by Eric Sandberg

A Woolly Metamorphosis by Joan McIntyre Distel

Primitive Nativity by Margo White

Snow White by Maryanne Lincoln

Jean Dudley by Jane Olson

Grenfell Mats by Deanne Fitzpatrick

Finishing Hooked Pieces by Marleta Anderson

Ellen Femiano by Barbara Crawford, Angela Rowland



Hooking Feathered Friends by Jacqueline Hansen

Florals and Flowers by Barbara Best

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait by Marny Cardin

A Rug from Raveled Wool by Betty LaWhite

Hooking Leaves by Betty Conley

Hooking with Yarn by Judy Taylor

How to Hook a Baby Quilt Rug by Shirley Engel

Adjusting Formulas by Maryanne Lincoln

The Gift: Designing and Hooking an Anniversary Rug by Doris Eaton

You're Never Too Old by Gordon Allen

Kathy Morton by De McClashon

All Saints by Mary Ann DeMaioribus


A Hooked Menagerie by RHM

Weaving a Legacy by Sarah Ladd

From Vision to Execution by Trudi Shippenberg

Jennie Campbell, Step by Step by Patrice Crowley

Esther's Oriental Odyssey by Esther Jackson

How to Hook Babe by Donna Swanson

Dye Beautiful Browns by Maryanne Lincoln

Knit a Borer for Your Rug by Barbara Brown

Arlene Smith's Hooked Rugs by Beth Ann Huntinton

Seventy Years of Sharing Calgary by Linda Shapkin

Finishing Rugs with a Flat Wool Edge by Joan Reckwerdt

Elizabeth Tompkins by Ricky Blackman

Paisley by Christi Winter

The Tale of a Big Bear Rug by Susan Folk Gilkey


Ask the Experts by RHM

Onio Skins and Beyond by Laurann Gilbertson

Happy Anniversary, Rug Hooking by Patrice Crowley

Hooking Rugs with Character by Roslyn Logson

How to Hook Primitive Lamb by Pat Brooks and Jeanne Smith

Charcoal Colors by Maryanne Lincoln

A Rug for Sophie by Deanne Fitzpatrick

Common Bonds by Teresa Wallace

Tuft Love by Vicki Stone

How to Hook Ribbons and Bows by Nancy Blood

Ann Taylor by Linda Shapkin

Koi by Charleah Lough


Bits and Pieces by E. Germaine James

Alpha to Zeta by Muzzy Petrow

Registering Your Rugs for Posterity by Joan Young

The Love Rugs by Anne Boissinot

Footsteps on History by Mary Sheppard Burton

Beginner's Rose by Anne Ashworth

Three Greens by Maryanne Lincoln

Preserving the Past by Norma Fage

Contemporary Folk Life Rugs by Connie Hughes

Tiny Treasures by Marny Cardin

Pictorials by Jane Halliwell

Nelda Clark by Carolyn Hatcher


Holiday Rugs by Patrice Crowley

The Mystery of the Changing Colors by Pat Cross

Gifts You Can Hook by Brenda Wilt

A Rainy August Hook In by Gerald Buzzell

How to Hook Little House by Ramona Maddox

Bear Browns by Maryanne Lincoln

Hooking Close-Ups by Jane Halliwell

Russian Punch Needle Embroidery by Robin Hasty

Marilyn Grant by Sarah Wilt

Shades Shadows, Silhouettes by Willa Mercer

Betty McClentic by Jane McGown Flynn

Titanic by Barbara Clark



When Two Become One by Roslyn Logsdon

Put on a Show by Diane Kelly

A Gallery of First Rugs by RHM

Bigger and Brighter by BJ Andreas

How to Finish with Fringe by Audrey Kish

Sunflowers in Winter by Maryanne Lincoln

Rugs of a Nautical Nature by Marilyn Bottjer, Gail Horton

How to Hook a Hooker's Pocket by Patsy Becker

Backstrap Weaving by Olga Rothschild

Saved by the Bells by Sarah Ladd

Germaine James by Sarah Ladd

Sunflowers in Winter by Maryanne Lincoln

Bug Light by Gail Horton

Joy by Jane McGown Flynn


The Middle Ages Live Again by Nancy Blood

Hold that Hook: Copyright by Joan Tully

Down to Earth Rugs by Josephine Kershner-Veal

England's Happy Hookers by Brenda Wilt

Depth in Pictorials by Laurice Heath

Adapting Swatch Formulas for Backgrounds by Maryanne Lincoln

From Photos to Flights of Fancy by Betty Jacobs

How to Hook Pueblo by Joan Moshimer

Bobbin Lace by Josephine Kershner-Veal

Rugs as Art by Deanne Fitzpatrick

Kate Rugy by Jane Senger Halliwell

Hope by Nancy Pritchard


A Worldwide Community by Deborah Merriam

Inspiration & Imagination by Ann Winterling

Adventures in Dyeing by RHM

Hooking Geraniums by Nancy Blood

Dyeing Woodsy Backgrounds by Maryanne Lincoln

Bitten by the but: Kay George by Kay George

How to Hook Laura by Jacqueline Hansen

Openwork Embroidery by Virginia Hildebrant

Hooked Rugs and World Peace by Sarah Ladd

Mina Marie West by Victoria Calu

The Mask by Cynthia Montier


Rug Hooking Is Going to the Dogs by Brenda Wilt

Build a Rug Viewing Stand by Werner Rees

Fulfilling a Childhood Dream by Patti Patrick

As Easy as A, B, C by Bette Williams

How to Prepare Rugs for Hanging by Germaine James

Oriental Knotted Rugs by Pamela Chase

Leafy Greens by Maryanne Lincoln

Bluenose Rugs, Inch Mats, and RisRoses by Deborah Merriam

Lorraine Williams by Linda Rae Coughlin

Brown Trout by Vic Carcioppolo


Hooking Simple Geometrics by Olga Rothschild

Hooked on Rugs by Deanne Fitzpatrick

Rug Hooking Japanese Style by Brenda Wilt

Remembering When by Jessie Turbayne

How to Hook Clothing by Salma Dhnji

Hooked on Christmas Stockings by Laura Kaman

How to Hook Sunflower Garden by Kim Dubay

Dyeing Wool Selvages and Pink Backgrounds by Maryanne Lincoln

Acid Dyeing Demystified by Deborah Merriam

South of the Border by Ann Winterling

Pat Chancey by De McGlashon

The Hidden Stone by April D. DeConick



Wonderful Waldoboros by Jacqueline Hansen

Add Magic to Your Hooked Art by Barbara Carroll

Head, Heart, Hands, Health, and Hooking by Sarah Ladd

Meet Rug Hooking's Cyber Hooker by Deborah Merriam

Raffle Rugs Revisited by Brenda Wilt

How to Hook Evergreens by Joan Moshimer

Fruitful Dyeing by Maryanne Lincoln

Pushing the Envelope: John King by Amy Oxford

How to Hook Old Fashioned Hearts by Barbara Carroll

Hildegard von Tespolde by Joan Infarinato

Beautiful Yarns Make Beautiful Rugs by Judy Taylor

Sevogle Salmon Club by Lynda Latner

Waldoboro Rose by Jacqueline Hansen

Welcome by Judy Taylor

Eleanor's Garden by Hildegard von Tenspolde


Light Up Your Life by Joyce Krueger

All Set to Teach by Mina Marie West

Sally's Small Oriental by Nancy Kovacs

Hanging Around Waiting to Dye by Jane McGown Flynn

Dwellings to Dream About by Patrice Crowley

Striving for Dimension by Betty A. Jacobs

Variations on a Theme by Maryanne Lincoln

One of a Dyeing Breed: Dorothy Bray by De McGlashon

Hanging Rugs by Sherri Heiber Day

How to Hook Once in a Blue Moon, Rabbits Fly by Janet Reid

Creativity in Crewel Embroidery by Sarah Wilt

Rose "Bunny" McKay by Lois Brandt, Ellie Moore

Old Kentucky Pottery by Lucretia M. Davenport

Lampshade Designs by Joyce Krueger

Sally's Small Oriental by Nancy Kovacs

Hobo by Bunny McKay


Bidding for Beautiful Rugs by Jeanne Field

Rugs for Sale by Elsie Van Savage

Designed by Henry, Hooked by Granny by Olga Rothschild

How to Hook Pansies by Nancy Blood

A Garden of Color by Maryanne Lincoln

Fun and Games with Shelly Lechleiter by Judy Engelbrecht

How to Hook Hawaiian Wood Rose by D. Marie Bresch

Shirret by Eunice Heinlein

Ellen Gould Sullivan's Nationally Acclaimed Mats by Sarah Ladd

Claire DeRoos by Louise Koger

Fruitful Harvest by John Ewbank

Aurora Pansies by Joan Moshimer

Matchbox Town by Shelly Lechleiter

Tulip Garden by Maryanne Lincoln


Past Artists, Present Collection by Jessie Turbayne

Build and Exhibit Frame by April D. DeConick

From Four Poster to Floor by Marion Ham

Storytelling with Wool by Gail Horton

Fingering by Jeanne Fallier

New Methods and Formulas by Maryanne Lincoln

P is for Patty Yoder by Diane Kelly

How to Hook Jack, Jack, and Jack by Barbara Carroll

Fun with Felt by Josephine Kershner-Veal

Show Business by Jeanne Field

Rug Critique by Nancy Blood

Jule Marie Smith by Sue Miller

Blue Jay by Nan Ferrier

Jar Dyeing Instructions by Maryanne Lincoln

Good Luck to the Irish by Gail Horton

Flowers and Grapes by Jule Marie Smith


Everlasting Gardens by Emily Erickson

On the Cutting Edge by Sarah Ladd

It Started with a Snowflake by BJ Andreas

Scrolls by Jane McGown Flynn

New Formulas for the Birds by Maryanne Lincoln

The Gift of Rug Hooking by Sister Mary Fallon

How to Hook Welcome by Cindy Hartman

Locker Hook Fever by Donette Krzyzopolski

Spirited Hookings by Audrey Deere

Little Buckingham by Judy Reber

Pat's Poppies by Emily Erickson

Pennsylvania Dutch Doves by Marjorie Anderson

Christmas Ornaments    



Self-Portraits in Wool by Roslyn Logsdon

Bring Springtime Indoors by Jeanne Fallier

Faith Williston by Patrice Crowley

How to Hook September by Marie Beaubien

Designing a Rug by Anne Boissinot

Braided Rugs by Norma Sturges

We've Been Framed! by Brenda Wilt

Faces by Victoria Hart Ingalls

Two New Greens by Maryanne Lincoln

Dorothy Hight by Sarah Ladd

Diane's Happy Bird by Diane Clancy

Pink Amaryllis by Jeanne Fallier

Wintertime Fun by Victoria Hart Ingalls

Beginner's Oriental by Salma Dhanji


Honoring Native Cultures with Hooked Rugs by Patrice Crowley

Lights, Camera, Rugs by Jane Senger

A Pig on a Poke by Patsy Weich

Satisfaction in Wool by Marieta Anderson

How to Hook Geometric Cushions by Salma Dhanji

Charlotte Price by Molly Dye

Khiva by Bettina Somerville

Eternal Knot 3 by Salma Dhanji

Camellia and Orchid by Jeanne Field

Pueblo Pot 3 by Ginny Hildebrant

Toothbrush Rugs by Patrice Crowley

Weather Phenomena by Marie Beaubien

Designing a Rug by Jeanne Field


Hooking on the Net by Maryanne Lincoln

Hooking Memories by Mina Marie West

The Busy Hands of Elig Kay by Sarah Wilt

How to Hook the Barn by Jane Olson

Hooked Banners by Audrey Deere

Applique by Patrice Crowley

Savonnerie and Aubusson Carpets by Nancy Blood

How to Hook Water by Prudence Matthews

Uncle Sam at the Circus by Maryanne Lincoln

The Shelburne Museum by Brenda Wilt

Nancy Clafin Blood by Sarah Wilt

Dedham Pottery Elephants by Susan Garland

La Parisienne Center by Jane McGown Flynn

Uncle Sam on Stilts by Maryanne Lincoln



A Tour of Hooked Houses by Barbara Brown

When a Fire Strikes by Linda Coughlin

Wagering for Wool: A Winning Prospect by Nancy Miller

Plotting Patterns by Ken Borger

How to Do Sculptured Hooking by Elissa Crouch

Two Open-Pan Dyeing Methods by Maryanne Lincoln

Saving the Best for Last by Doris Eaton

Still Hooking After All These Years: Janes Hayes by Molly Dye

How to Hook Grace's Bouquet by Kathy Morton

The Rya Stitch by D. Marie Bresch

Lower Shaker Village by Jean Beard

Marlene Heard by Diane Clancy

Rosabelle by Sandra Harris

Olde World Santa by Elissa Crouch

Lonesome Tree by Marlene Heard

Grace's Bouquet by Kathy Morton

Squirrel by Elissa Crouch


Capture the Color by Joan Young

Foundations for Hooked Rugs by Marion Ham

Picture Perfect by Brenda Wilt

The Warmth of Fire Screens by Linda Thomas, Carol Lehberger

How to Hook Highlights and Shadows by Roslyn Logsdon

Dye Mottled Backgrounds by Maryanne Lincoln

Words, Wool, and Whimsey: Sherri Hieber Day by Jane Senger

How to Hook Grandma's Spiral by Nancy Miller

Community and Quilting by Susan Fuquay

Christmas Creativity by Jan Ferguson

Marilyn Bottjer by Sue Miller

Calla Lilies by Joan Young

French Basket by Linda Thomas, Carol Lehberger

Father Christmas Cone Ornament by Jan Ferguson

Hey Diddle Diddle by Marcia Levesque



Becoming Borders by Jule Marie Smith

Muzzy Petrow by MacDonald Kennedy

A Primer for Hooking Crewel-Style Rugs by Jane McGown Flynn

House and Flowers by Laurice Heath

Hooking With Hosiery by Bettty Laine

1995 Nova Scotia's Year of the Hooked Mat by Susan Marvel

Penny Rugs by Mary Johnson

Basic Yellow by Maryanne Lincoln

Ice and Snow by Carol Kassera

Lois Dugal by Peg Irish

Skippy by Mona Borger

Gloucester by Pearl McGown

Polar Bear in Grenfell Style by Jane McGown Flynn

Original Borders by Jule Marie Smith


Step on Up! by Cheryl Orcutt

Janet West by MacDonald Kennedy

Grandma's Rug by Nancy Miller

Special Effects, Part 3 by Jeanne Field

A Primer for Using a Color Wheel by Pat Moyer

The Secrets of Recycling by Barbara Carroll

Hand Painted Floor Cloths by Chad Alice Hagen

Dark Backgrounds by Maryanne Lincoln

Throated Flowers by Jeanne Fallier

Rags to Riches: Recycled Rugs by Kristen Gladsky

Margaret Howell by Rebecca Fishkin

Arrow by Rebecca Fiskin

Samarkand by Jane McGown Flynn

Boo Cat by Emma Lou Lais

Jack in the Box by Joan Moshimer


Handling Pain by Rebecca Fishkin

Face to Face with Nel Rand by Patrice Crowley

Christmas Joy by Margaret Siano

Personal Plaids by Jeanne Field

Shape Up! by Sandra Brown

A Primer on Popular Rugging Techniques by Rebecca Fishkin

Nantucket Rug Hooking by Claire Murray

Scrunch Dyeing by Maryanne Lincoln

Backgrounds by Ramona Maddox

In Search of Hand Hooked Rugs by Rebecca Fishkin

Victoria Hart Ingalls by Rebecca Fishkin

Compass Chairpad by MacDonald Kennedy

Visiting Kitten by Victoria hart Ingalls

Christmas Joy by Lib Calloway

Sanctuary by Jane McGown Flynn


Gifts You Can Hook by Patrice Crowlen

The Rug Builder by Jerry Carl

How to Hook Indian Corn by Joan Moshimer

This Hooker's a Doll by Jeanne Field, Audrey Deere

Holiday Hookings by Patrice Crowley

Handwoven Boundweave Rugs by Lynn Stracka Schuster

A New Blue by Maryanne Lincoln

Animals by Muzzy Petrow

Emma Lou Lais by Barbara Carroll

Country Sample by Ann Ross

Melting Snowmen by Emma Lou Lais

Golden Retriever by Pat Hornfius

Hooking Lady Doll by Margaret Mercer


Quilts on the Floor by Joyce Krueger

A Look at ATHA and McGown by Anne Ashworth, Ramona Maddox

Meet Elaine Cathcart by Brenda Wilt

How to Hook Santa by Joyce Krueger

Taming a Giant by Muriel Peveril

Granny Rugs by Brenda Wilt

History Rehooked by Happy DiFranza

Finishing Your Rug by Charlotte Price

Mahogany Red by Maryanne Lincoln

Jeanne Benjamin by De McGlashon

Fans by Susan Higgins

Dresden Plate Quilt Design by Joyce Krueger

Texas Star Quilt Design by Joyce Krueger



Emilie Tisdale by MacDonald Kennedy

Rugs That Speak for Themselves by Jeanne Fallier

Try These Tartens on for Size by Ghislaine Parent

Check These Out! by Olga Rothschild

Tallulah by Joan Moshimer

Braided Borders by Verna Cox

Basic Red by Maryanne Lincoln

Taditional Shading by Betty Maley

Primitive Shading by Janet Dobson

Anne Jeter by Nel Rand

All Gone by Ann Baldelli

Clean Beds 25 Cents by Jeanne Fallier

MC2 by Olga Rothschild

Jar Dyeing by Maryanne Lincoln


A Fashion Show of Hand Hooked Wearables by RHM

Arthur Young by Arthur Young

Harvah by Joan Moshimer

The Colors of Summer by Trudi Shippengerg

Use Recycled Material to Build a House for Everyone by Marie Azzaro

Punch Needle Rug Hooking by Amy Oxford

Basic Green by Maryanne Lincoln

Trees: Young and Robust, Old and Weathered by Jeanne Fallier

Annie Spring by Anne Ashworth

Tabor by April Crumrine

Sun Chairpad by Amy Oxford

Navajo Vest by Ramaona Maddox

Frypan Jar Dyeing by Maryanne Lincoln


Elegant and Easy Hand Hooked Gifts by RHM

Jessica Getchell by Jeanie Gilpin

Water Nymph by Nancy Miller

Special Effects with Creative Stitches by Jeanne Field

Hand Hooked Ornaments and Decorations by RHM

Twined Rag Rugs by Bobbie Irwin

Basic Orange by Maryanne Lincoln

Scrolls by Betty McClentic

Janet Dobson by Ann Baldelli

Georavan by Marjorie Emmerthal


Hooking with Unusual Materials by Roslyn Logsdon

Polly Minick by Susan Marvel

Whip It with a Twist by Donna Atkin

Pencil Shading by Jeanne Field

The Colors of Winter by Trudi Shippengerg

Little Salmon by Pat Hornafius

Prodded Rugs by Susan Marvel

Basic Blue by Maryanne Lincoln

Strap Leaves by Nancy Blood

Margaret Hunt Masters by Susan Marvel

Metamorphosis by Eric Sandberg

Stars by Polly Minick

Pencil Shadings by Jeanne Field


It's Rug Hooking, Dummy by MacDonald Kennedy

Stella Myerrs by MacDonald Kennedy

A Primer for Hooking Oriental Style by Salma Dhanji

The Secrets of 3D Hooking by Mary Ellen McCormack

Beads, Baubles, and Bangles by Sally Smeed Corbett

Christmas Rose by Jane McGown Flynn

Locker Hooking by Susan Marvel

Pansy Purples by Maryanne Lincoln

Stones, Bricks, Mortar by Roslyn Logsdon

Helen Johnson by Mina Marie West

Bless This House by Virginia Hall

Pansy and Peach Mat by Florence Petruchik

Victorian Santa by Carol Kassera

Oval Miniature by Salma Dhanji



You Must Meet Jean White by Janet Brandt

Knowing How is Different by Mary Klotz

My Mother the Rug Hooker by Helen Parker Ellerkamp

Grandfather's Farm by Ann Winterling

Getting Ready to Teach by Mina West

Primitive Oriental by Anne Ashworth

Casco Bay Rug Art by Sarah Cloudy Ladd

Primitive Meadow by Marion Ham

How to Hook Stubb’s Dogs by Joan Moshimer

Conversation by Rosly Logsdon

I'm a Teacher by Rosly Logsdon

Lillian Kelly by Marilyn Bottjer

Unicorn by Nancy Blood

The Last Supper by Ramona Maddox

Oil and Floral by Margaret Masters

Amelia by Jane McGown Flynn

Metamorphosis, Part 4 by Jane Flynn

Stubb's Dogs by Joan Moshimer

Stripping Color by Jeanne Fallier


Metamorphosis, Part 5 by Jane Flynn

Lois Trout's Fruit Basket Medley by Jean White

How-To Hints for Rug Hookers by Joan Moshimer

Hooking Handbags by Peg Irish

Like Mother, Like Daughter by Jacqueline Hansen, Heidi Flaherty

Beyond Our Borders by Mary Klotz

Gradation Dyeing by Barbara Sleeper, Deborah Moyes

Designing, Dyeing, and All That Jazz by Abby Vakay

Rediscovering the Inch Mat by Jeanne Field, Audrey Deere

Pansies Are Easy by Jeanne Fallier

Maine Moose   

Inch Rug by Doreen Wright

Quilt Square Rug             

Pineapple Welcome Rug by Jaqueline Hansen


I Hooked It, but It's Everybody's Prelude by Nancy Blood

Funnel Cakes, Sideshows, and Hand Hooked Rugs by MacDonald Kennedy

Grand Canyon: A Not for Beginners Project by Joan Moshimer

A Primer for Shading with Wide Cuts by Chris Merryman

Four of a Kind by Mary Hoffman

Skinwalker by Tricia Tague-Miller

Star Shadow by Vicky Jo Bogart

Special Effects with Super Stitches by Jeanne Field, Audrey Deere

Mother Loon by Kathy Morton

Oriental Odyssey, Part 1 by Jane McGown Flynn

Prelude by Jane McGown Flynn

Garden's Bounty by Lucinda Pratt


Antique Hooked Rugs at Beauport by Happy DiFranza, Nancy Curtis

Hooking for Posterity by Mina West, Cindy Thompson

How to Collect Antique Hand-Hooked Rugs by Jessie Turbayne

Meet Jessie Turgayne by Susan Goldberg

A Gallery of Antique Hand Hooked Rugs by Jeanne Fallier

Rugs Rooted in History by Joan Infarinato

Tinkle by Amy Oxford

Hooked on Rug Repair by Bettina Maraldo, Cecillia Clement

912 Yards Handwoven Fabric, 100 Paris Hand Appliqued Curtains by Mary Hoffman

From Feedbags to Floating Farm Animals by Pat Hornafius

Fraktur Watercolor by Beth Snyder

Run Rabbit by Patsy Becker

On Antique Hooked Rugs by Jeanne Fallier

By the Hook by Jeanne Field, Audrey Deere

Oriental Odyssey, Part 2 by Jane McGown Flynn

Nottingham by Joan Moshimer

Run Rabbit by Patsy Becker

Feedbag Rug by Pat Hornafius

Tinkle, a Cat by Amy Oxford

Pineapple Antique by Marion Ham

Fraktur Watercolor by Beth Snyder         


Rug Hooking in the Computer Age by Vicki Jo Bogart

Freedom of Spirit: Amanda by B.J.Andreas

Kris Kringle by Nancy Miller

How Santa Got His Pretty Coat by Edith Prundeanu

St. Nicholas by Margaret Woody

Oriental Odyssey, Part 3 by Jane McGown Flynn

Gold Angel by Jeanne Fallier

A Nutty Squirrel Tile by Joan Moshimer

St. Nicholas under a Starry Night: Velma King by Roslyn Logsdon

A History of Latch Hooking by Ronald Shillman

Mutual Admiration Duo by Betty Conley

3-D Santa by D. Marie Bresch

Circle of Stars by Les Skoropat

Grenfell Exhibit at the American Folk Art Museum by Susan Marvel



Four Flowers by Chris Merryman

Answers from the Studio by Joan Moshimer

Canadian Reflections by Audrey Deer, Jeanne Field


Oriental Rugs: Knotted Treasures to Hooked Heirlooms by Klotz/Burton

Persian Rugs in Chattanooga by Lou Carson

Soumac Medallions by Betty Maley

Chinese Scroll by Anne Ashworth

My Own Magic Carpets by Mary Brandt Murphy

Petite Persian by Maureen Rugar

Dear Beginning Rug Hooker by Jane McGown Flynn


Fear of the Rose by Linda Dwyer

Eva Gantt: Her History and Her Heritage by Roslyn Logsdon

Sally Corbett: Design for Life by Shelia Tilander

Homage to the Square—Again! by Olga Rothschild

Homegrown Dyes by Nacy Lindley

Lady Liberty by Janet Carija Brandt

Coyote Espera by Tricia Tague-Miller

Shelburne Collection by Amy Oxford

Interconnections by Charlene Marsh

That Damn Rug by Anne Ashworth, Bernie Moore

Creating a Shell Rug by Jeanne Fallier

Metamorphosis, Part 1 by Jane Flynn

Thunder Bay     

Antique Hen


Commemorating Columbus by Janet Carifa Brandt

October by Hilary Farrell

Intriguing Indonesia by Carol Zimmerman

Hands across the Border by Field, Deere, Burton

Rug Show in Yokohama by Fumiko Yamamoto

East Meets West by Nichiko

Typhoons and Tapestry Hooking by Fumiyo Hachisuka

English Expertise by Joan Moshimer

Hooky Matters by Ali Rhind

Australian Artistry by Lee Pattinson

Mimi Spirit and Dreamtime Hero by Diana Schrage

Chinese Herons by Jeanne Fallier

What's Selling? by Cathy Comins

Metamorphosis, Part 2 by Jane Flynn

Princess Charlotte's Bouquet     

O World              

The Treasure    



How to Hook a Primitive Holiday Sampler by Marie Azzaro

Hooking Holiday Greeting by Annie Dickerson

A Welcome Cow Rug by Beth Snyder

The Spirituality of Craft by Joan McIntyre

Be Frugal and Environmentally Concerned: Punch a Rug by Susanna Cuyler

Give the Gift of Hooking by Jane Senger

A Practical but Perfect Present: Labels by Gloria Hanaway

Teach Tomorrow's Rug Hookers Today by Happy DiFranza

Present Your Work Well: Consider Innovative Framing Techniques by Diana Kuntze Schrage

Jungle Fever by Pat Hornafius

Creating a German Santa Claus by Sandra Hershey

Gift Yourself a Geometric by Sandra Brown

Canadian Reflections by Deere, Field

Young Reader's Gallery by Jasmine Benjamin

A Romp in the Deep by Jeanne Fallier

Metamorphosis, Part 3 by Jane Flynn

Ornament and Damask Pillows 

Migdalia's Wedding Rug by Jeanne Benjamin



Legacy of the House of Bunham by Annie Spring

The Genius of Lester Olmsted by Jeanne Fallier

The Man Who Was George Wells by Jim Beasley

Frog Trio by Donna Swanson

The Hooked Mats of the Grenfell Mission by Jessie Turbayne

How to Price Your Hand-Hooked Rug by Robert Redd

Kennebunkport Musings by Joan Moshimer

Copyright Law, Part 3 by Leonard DuBoff, Cathy Comins

Frost Dog            

Dog in the Garden    


Victorian Remembrances by Elizabeth Black

He Loves Me by Jane McGown Flynn

The Story Behind Hooked on Cats by Joan Moshimer

Heroic Flowers by Laurel Brown

By Hook and by Pen by D.M. Toliver

How to Create a Braided Edge for an Oval Hooked Rug by Sandra Cheverie

How to Separate the Petals of a Daisy by Joan Moshimer

You and Your Sales Representative by Cathy Comin

Working with Color by Maryanne Lincoln


Southwestern Sunshine by Virginia Hildebrant

Amish Block and Bar by Pat Hornafius

Dyeing for Primitive Rugs by Liz Tompkins

Queen of the Hookers: Ethel Bruce by Susan Goldberg

Best Kept Secret in the South by Murphy/Herrod

Seagull by Joan Moshimer

Enchanting El Paso Designs by Tricia Tague-Miller

Wabash Watermelon by Joan Moshimer

Following in Their Footstep by Janet Carija Brandt

California Poppy by Joan Moshimer


Lovely Letters from a Lovely Lady by Fumiyo Hachisuka

New Zealand Ruggery by Joan Moshimer

Ilkley to the Rescue by Peggy Beals

Nora Pearse by Joan Moshimer

Down Under Dynamo by Lee Pattinson

Waltzing Matilda by Diana Kuntze Schrage

Jeanne Field: Canada's Gift to Rug Hooking by Sally Atwood

A Tale of Two Hookers by Delores Norman

Rug Hooking in Cheticamp by Jane Briggs

An Emphasis on Rugs by Gladys Kelsey

Prize Primitives by Kathy Morton and Tish Murphy

How to Hook Realistic Portraits of Birds by E. Germaine James

The Woman Who Hooked the Beautiful Rugs by George and Sally Duncan

Tea Tree Blossom by Joan Moshimer

The Cardinal by E. Germaine James

Chicken by Kathy Morton and Tish Murphy



Home for the Holiday by Roslyn Logsdon

A Rug for All Seasons by Happy DeFranza

Beginners' Guide to Hooking with a Frame by Joan Moshimer

Meredith LeBeau: A Very Special Friend by Susan Goldberg

Holiday Readers' Gallery              

December 26th—and Where's Santa by Marie Azzaro

Keep Our World Beautiful—Hook Rugs! by Mjanet Carifa Brandt

Festive Holiday Ornaments by Meredith LeBeau

Holiday House by Roslyn Logsdon

Sleeping Santa by Marie Azzaro

A Special Snowman         



Snowscapes by Marie Bresch

Hop, Hop, and Hook by Happy and Steve DiFranza

Ice and Snow by Joan Moshimer

South for the Winter by RHM

Pat Hornafius: Lancaster County Folk Artist         

Snow Fun by Patsy Becker

Winsome Waldoboro by Jackye Hansen


A Pink Pig for St. Patty's by Jane McGown Flynn

Peaches, the Weathervane Horse by D.M. Toliver

Remembering Alice Beatty by Mary Sargent

Good Time Charlie by Elizabeth Black

Farm Cat by Joan Moshimer

Udderly Purple by Anne Dickerson

Materials for Hooking by Mary Klotz

Kennebunkport Musings by Joan Moshimer


The Heart of It All by Tish Murphy

Bird Watching by Katharine Holman

Comes the Moring by Katherine Inman

Cats in the Garden by Christine Sullivan

Eagle and Dove by Wanda McCracken

Eggstacy by Joyce Lng

Family Vines by Elly Dworkin

Fruit and Flowers by Harriet Claridge

Jomo by Betty Jean Bogan

Kwafalein Remembered by Ruth Hood

The Hook and the Fiddle by Tanya Azzaro

Designing Family Keepsakes by Janet Carija Brandt

Primitives and Stella Hay Rex by Mary Ellen Cooper

Lower Slaughter by Barbara Ann Hockman

Polish Goose Girl by Aneda Bryk

O Fish of the Sea by Doris Eaton

The 41st Day by Cecilia Clement

The Old Man by Peg Irish

View from Wood Island by Sara Barnes

Kennebunkport Musings by Joan Moshimer


A Midsummer Night's Dream by Ann Winterling

Rug Hooking in the British Isles by Sheila Betterton

Rug Hooking in Ontario by Audery Deere

The Art of Hooking in Western Canada by Marion Lynn

Hooking in the Land of the Tatami by Catherine Thompson, Fumiyo Hachisuka

Thatched Roof Cottage

Canada Goose  

Oriental Geisha

Koala Bears        


Baffin Boy          

Hallie Hall: Hardy Heroine, Talented, Tender Teacher by Mary Ellen Cooper

Kennebunkport Musings by Joan Moshimer


Roslyn Logsdon by Mary Ellen Cooper

Designing Your Own Rugs and Doing Your Own Thing by Betsy Coleman

A Chinese Bat Whirlpool Pillow by Joan Moshimer

Generations: Jennifer Rex Boice and Susan Rex DiChiara by Jennifer Rex Boice

Paisley Garden by Maureen Rugar

The Grandpa Chairseats by Virginia Hildebrant

Abstract Art on Burlap by Susan Goldberg

Hooked Variations by Gloria Crouse

Kennebunkport Musings by Joan Moshimer

Copyright Law, Part 1 by Leonard DuBoff, Cathy Comins


A Welcoming St. Nick by Pearl McGown

Stained Glass Nativity by Jackye Hansen

Jane Olson: Her Work Speaks for Herself by Mary Ellen Cooper

Fraktur Angel by Pat Hornafius

Santa Claus, Primitive Hooked Rugs by Marion Ham

Holiday Harvest Wreath by Joan Moshimer

Pink Angel by Jeanne Fallier

Kennebunkport Musings by Joan Moshimer

Color and Palettes by Mary Klotz

Copyright Law, Part 2 by Leonard DuBoff, Cathy Comins



The Shaded Rose by Jane McGown Flynn

Whimsical Renfrew Cats by Pat Hornafius

Pearl Kinnear McGown: First Lady of Modern-Day Rug Hooking by RHM

"Painting" Pictorials by Joan Moshimer

Visiting Rose Cottage by Mary Ellen Cooper

A Rose Cottage Rug by RHM

The Majestic Great Seal by Joan Moshimer

Design Your Own First Rug by Mary Shepherd Burton

Of Llamas, Broken Legs, and Legacies by Carol Prine

Preserving Your Rugs through Photography by Cathy Comins

Loose Ends by Ask the Experts

Swatches to Stripettes by George Dorr


The Flying Cloud by Jane Olson

Yesterday's Yearling by Marion Ham

Sunflowers of Summer by RHM

Joan Leith Moshimer: Artist, Editor, Author by Mary Ellen Cooper

All Those Onions by Anne Dickerson

Capturing the Sperm Whale by Virginia Sheldon

Working on Water by Joan Moshimer

A Primitive Oriental by Anne Ashworth

Choose One from Column A by Mary Theresa Klotz

How to Hook a Traditional Hand Hooked Rug by Alice Beatty, Mary Sargent

A Professional Approach to Publicizing Hooked Rugs, Part 1 by Cathy Comins


A Pile o' Critters by Marie Azzaro

Rainbow Borders by Pearl McGown/Joan Moshimer

Designs Enough to Dream On by Jane McGown Flynn

First Leaves of Fall by RHM

Creating Clouds and Skies by Joan Moshimer

The Male Room by Harvey L. Stone

A Professional Approach to Publicizing Hooked Rugs, Part 2 by Cathy Comins

Sky Splashes by Anne Dickerson

Samoan Gold by Virginia Hildebrant


A Right Jolly Old Elf by Joan Moshimer/Sally Atwood

Mary Sheppard Burton by Mary Ellen Cooper

Everlasting Evergreens by Joan Moshimer

Sweet and Simple Stocking by Jane Flynn, Laura Karinch

A Moravian Candle Tree by Pat Hornafius

Beautiful Angel in Blue by Jeanne Fallier

What Do I Need First? by Mary T. Klotz

What's Selling in Hooked Rugs? by Cathy Comins


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