Mats That Matter (to You)                                                           

How do you fan that flickering flame and get out of a creative rut? For… More

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Post-Impressionist Rug Hooking                                                                     

If Impressionist painters were known for experimenting, then… More

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Exclusive Pattern: Ladies of the Seasons                                                                                         

Spring is a time to think of new possibilities. My Spring Lady is airing… More

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Accidental Rugmaker                                               

Quite by accident I came across the art form called standing rugs and… More

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From Little Hands                                           

If you were fortunate enough to be at the Hooked in the Mountains exhibit… More

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Straying Off the Color Wheel                                                                 

At first blush, we might think that without color a rug could become… More

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One Pot Parlay                                     

I thought Id share with you the way I dye for my own use and for my studio. More

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Story Rugs and their Storytellers                                                                           

Story rugs are exciting, personal expressions of joy - they are a visual… More

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Australian Connection: Ebb and Flow                                                                               

Hooked clothing? It has been done before, but take a look at this wearable… More

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Tea Time with Senora Bonita                                                               

Do you find Halloween a time filled with colorful and often outrageous… More

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Marilyn Bottjer: Artist and Teacher                                                                               

As an artist and teacher, Marilyn Bottjer has had a profound influence on… More

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Just in Time                                 

The beauty of small projects is that you can hook them up and finish them… More

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Pictorial Hooked Rugs                                                   

In this book, Jane Halliwell-Green guides the reader through the process… More

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Celtic Designs                                     

I was fortunate as a child to have creative women in my family as role… More

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Mushrooms and Felted Wool                                                           

Although it is gaining popularity, needle felting is still a relatively… More

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